Tomorrow and The Butterfly


Can you have beauty without sustainability? According to us, you can't. In this film we try to explain why, telling you inspiring stories of sustainability and beauty, from all over the world. 

Tomorrow and The Butterfly is a feature-length documentary filmed in six vignettes, that tells stories of sustainability, beauty and diversity around the world.

Through these true stories, we find a common threadin the individual yet collective belief that something truly beautiful andgood is possible.

Common denominator is the figure of Davide Bollati, with his vision of business and brand ethos.


How can you have beauty without sustainability? They go well together because you cannot have one without the other.

Davide Bollati
President - Davines

The movie is composed by six episodes, one prologue and one epilogue.

The protagonist

Ever since he was a child, Davide Bollati began to develop a profound sense of respect for the environment which - as an adult - eventually led him to develop his business on a core value: sustainability.


I have a choice. I can afford celebrities, or I can afford sustainability. I choose to do sustainability.

Davide Bollati
President - Davines

The director

The direction of the documentary was curated by Alessandro Soetje. Born in Bologna in 1970, he graduated in philosophy at the University of Milan. Today he works as a director and director of photography for documentaries and journalistic programs, all over the world.


Davines has chosen to share its story, with transparency and purityThe aim was not to promote the brand or a product, but to explain its philosophy using stories, images and testimonies.

Alessadro Soetje

Film festivals and TV

Tomorrow and The Butterflywas shortlisted for the Branded Content of the Year prize at the Content Innovation Awards, held recently in Cannes. It has been named an official selection of Around International Film Festival, Paris and Amsterdam editions, and in the Polish International Film Festival. It will be featured as part of the Berlin Italian Film Festival this November, as well.

Cinémoi TV has acquired the worldwide rights (excluding Asia) to the compelling short film The Power of Beauty, part of the feature-length documentary Tomorrow and The Butterfly.